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        Ketone Testing Strips, 100 Strips

        Doctor developed, high-quality ketone urine strips.
        475 reviews
        Ketone Testing Strips, 100 Strips
        Ketone Testing Strips, 100 Strips
        Ketone Testing Strips, 100 Strips

        Ketone Testing Strips, 100 Strips

        Doctor developed, high-quality ketone urine strips.
        475 reviews
        $7.99 Regular price $8.99 Sale price
        • Easy ketone testing -- no finger pricks required
        • Contains 100 strips per container
        • Lab grade test strips
        Free U.S. shipping for orders over $29, and a risk-free quality guaranteeIf you don't love it, return it within 30 days for a full refund - just contact us and we'll take care of you.!

        When To Use

        Starting Keto

        To see when you're in ketosis.

        After Eating

        To see if certain foods kick you out of ketosis.

        Restarting Keto

        To know when you're back in ketosis.


        Test ketone levels easily on the go.


        You want quick, easy ketone testing.

        Easy Ketone Testing

        The easiest way to find out how many ketones are in your blood stream. 

        See What Foods are Best for You

        Everyone's bodies process carbs differently. Use Ketone Testing Strips to figure out what foods kick you out of ketosis.

        Great for Keto Beginners

        No pricking your fingers or buying expensive breath-testing equipment. Find out if you're in ketosis in minutes.

        Press reviews

        "These days, with the keto diet craze, you can easily find testing strips at familiar retailers such as Perfect Keto...the strips themselves measure the ketone levels of your urine-more specifically, two of three ketones known as acetoacetic acid and acetone."


        "For those following a ketogenic lifestyle, these Perfect Keto testing strips are a quick and easy way to check if you're in ketosis. Instead of inconvenient blood tests, they check the levels of ketone bodies in your urine — and the matching result pad is right on the bottle, so they're portable, convenient, and simple."

        -The Zoe Report

        "Perfect Keto constantly saves me during my travels and I never leave my place without survival kit of Perfect Keto. These are King Keto approved."

        - Brandon Carter


        • How do keto strips work?

          They measure the ketone acetoacetate in your urine, which is excreted if it is unused by the body.
        • Do I have to use strips to know if I'm in Ketosis?

          There are a number of ways to measure your state of ketosis. Some are more reliable than others. Keto Strips provide a quick way to know if your body is producing ketones, especially during the first couple weeks of the diet. They help you understand the nuances of the ketogenic diet and how your body responds to it.
        • How Many Strips Come In A Package?

          100 strips per bottle.

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        Judy B.
        United States United States
        They didn't work at all

        I was on a 3 day fast and they never changed color at all.If not eating for 3 days won't put me in ketosis I don't know what will.Very disappointed.

        Perfect Keto Ketone Testing Strips, 100 Strips Review
        Ed W.
        United States United States
        Easy to Use

        I purchased the Keto Strips to see where I was in Ketosis after 5 weeks. They are easy to use and you get the results in less than a minute. I would recommend them.

        United States United States
        Don't waste your money

        Don't waste your money or have hopes of getting any useful data from the use of the ketone test strips. The color strip bears no resemblance to the colors that appear on the test strips. For context I was hoping to use these with a keto diet while doing Intermittent Fasting (IF) with time restricted feeding (18/6) and also periodic whole day fasting (WDF). I tried to use these with TRF and found no useful data and the fasted eight times for 36 hours and still found no valid utility of these strips. No satisfying indication that something good is happening! The colors - both the level of saturation and the actual hue - never match between the strip and the bottle. Given I have lost 20 pounds with fasting and a keto diet, it's fairly evident that I am producing ketones. This product does not work and will not provide you data for you pursuit of health or weight loss. The product has not expired and is being used within the prescribed 6 mos of opening the bottle.

        Chris P.
        United States United States
        Great customer service

        Good, and perfect keto stands by their products..

        Helena S.
        United States United States
        Not Happy

        I also bought another brand which seem to be more accurate than yours Won't purchase yours ever again.