Indigo Nili’s Keto Kandy Kit

Indigo Nili’s Keto Kandy Kit

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When to Use


In your coffee as delicious creamer


To help you focus before work or a big meeting


Help muscle recovery & sore joints


To curb your hunger


To satisfy your sweet tooth

Keto Collagen

Want strong nails, healthy hair and glowing skin?

Add Keto Collagen to your daily routine. Each serving of Keto Collagen contains 10g of grass-finished USA bovine collagen, plus 5g of added MCT oil powder to support mental clarity and sharpness. Non-GMO, gluten & dairy free.

MCT Powder

This high-fat powder contains 10g of MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) per serving bound to acacia fiber making them blendable into shakes, smoothies, and recipes!

Just mix a scoop with your favorite beverage for a satisfying treat, and energy for your brain!

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