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        Keto Krill Oil - 90 Softgels - 40% off!

        Supplement Omega 3-fats and MCTs without the fishy aftertaste.
        Keto Krill Oil - 90 Softgels - 40% off!
        Keto Krill Oil - 90 Softgels - 40% off!
        Keto Krill Oil - 90 Softgels - 40% off!

        Keto Krill Oil - 90 Softgels - 40% off!

        Supplement Omega 3-fats and MCTs without the fishy aftertaste.
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        • 350mg of Krill oil per capsule
        • 650mg MCT Oil per capsule
        • No added sugars, sugar alcohols, chemicals, gluten, dairy, soy or corn
        • No “fishy” aftertaste
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        What To Use It For


        Fight Inflammation

        Improve Joint Health

        Optimize Overall Wellness

        Boost Exercise Recovery

        What's inside?

        Every ingredient pulls its weight.

        • Krill Oil

          Krill oil, a fish oil from Antarctic krill, is rich in omega-3 fats which can reduce inflammation. Krill oil contains the health beneficial compound astaxanthin and a phospholipid carrier that makes it different from regular fish oil.  

        • MCTs

          MCTs are a unique type of fatty acid found in coconut oil that are a much faster source of energy than most longer chain fatty acids. MCTs support mental clarity and sharpness.

        How we use Keto Krill Oil

        After meditation, I mix up a pre-workout drink made with Perform, and use that to wash down my Keto Krill and 6-8 Electrolytes capsules.

        Anthony Anthony, our CEO

        When I'm traveling, I grab my krill oil and MCT oil supplements to keep me on track and my energy high.

        Rajiv Rajiv, our Director of Paid Advertising

        About an hour after I workout, I enjoy my first meal of the day with a side of Keto Krill.

        Chris Chris, our Education Manager

        Read more about how our team uses Perfect Keto products.


        • What is Krill Oil?

          Keto Krill is a krill oil supplement containing fat from Antarctic Krill. Krill oil is rich in omega-3 fats which in general has been shown to have numerous health benefits with the most notable being improved heart health and reducing inflammation. Krill Oil contains several other beneficial compounds, making it more unique compared to other omega-3 supplements like fish oil. Our Krill oil is also unique compared to other fish oils in that it is combined with MCT oil.
        • How should I use Krill Oil?

          For supporting brain function, boosting mood, supporting heart health, lowering cholesterol, supporting mitochondrial function, fighting inflammation, and improving overall health.
        • How many servings per container?

          Each units has 90 softgels. Each serving is 1 softgel, so 90 servings.
        • Is there a fishy taste?

          No! Perfect Keto’s Krill Oil production process and the presence of astaxanthin prevents oxidation. A rancid, fishy taste in a fish oil supplement is an indication of oxidation. Oxidation occurs when omega-3s breakdown, resulting in damaging free radicals. It’s critical your omega-3 supplement resists oxidation because that transformation renders the product useless, or even harmful.

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