Perform: Keto Pre-Workout Drink
A clean source of energy to supporting athletic performance on the ketogenic diet.
Perform: Keto Pre-Workout Drink
Perform: Keto Pre-Workout Drink
Perform: Keto Pre-Workout Drink
A clean source of energy to supporting athletic performance on the ketogenic diet.
  • Made to: Support strength and endurance, help you power through the day
  • Less caffeine compared to traditional pre-workout formulas
  • Added MCTs and BCAAs
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When To Use


To motivate you to exercise.


To fight the afternoon slump before exercise.


Mix in a water bottle and stash in your bag for later.

Before the gym

So you'll be ready to go when you arrive.

When You've Plateued

So you can train harder and see better results.

The Best Keto-Friendly Pre-Workout Drink

No added sugars or artificial flavors. Just clean, keto-friendly ingredients to keep you energized.

The Keto Pre-Workout Drink That Powers Your Workout

Keto Perform contains research-backed ingredients that help support strength and endurance during exercise.

Get Excited to Workout

When you have more energy, you're more likely to workout. Take Perform before your workout and you'll feel the motivation kick in.

What's inside?

Every ingredient pulls its weight.

  • BHBs

    Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) is a naturally occurring molecule called a ketone body. It is one of the main molecules that provides your body with energy in the absence of glucose. Supplemental or exogenous ketones provide your body with ketosis support.

    We only use the highest quality, racemic beta-hydroxybutyrate salts in our products.

  • MCTs

    MCTs are a unique type of fatty acid found in coconut oil that is metabolized quicker than the typical fats we get in our diet. MCTs provide a boost in ketones to help support mental clarity and focus.

  • BCAA

    BCAAs are a group of amino acids that can support exercise performance, reduce protein breakdown*, and stimulate protein synthesis thanks to the amino acid leucine*.

  • Creatine Monohydrate

    Creatine Monohydrate is an amino acid that has been shown to help improve strength, muscle building, and exercise endurance.*

  • Beta Alanine

    Beta Alanine is an amino acid that has been shown to promote endurance.*

  • L-Citruline

    L-Citruline is an amino acid that can promote blood flow and support endurance exercise.*

  • Natural Caffeine

    Natural caffeine comes from green tea and provides your body with a boost of energy to get through the day.

  • Stevia

    Stevia is a low-calorie sugar substitute that comes from the Stevia rebaudiana (Bertoni) plant.

Press reviews

"Perfect for those who want energy and performance while on the ketogenic diet, but don’t want all of the garbage that is out there. Excellent for boosting ketones for fuel for any type of workout."


"They have excellent supplements that really help boost energy and get you over the hump when you first get into keto.

Perfect keto makes it easy to stay keto, have high energy, and get shit done. And that's really what the ketogenic diet is all about."

- Joe Rogan

"Trying out the Keto Diet? Here is what you need to get started."

-Gear Patrol

How we use Perform - Keto Sports Drink

Every morning, I mix up a pre-workout drink made with Perform.

Anthony Anthony, Founder

I go to the gym second thing every morning. The first is mixing my perform lemon powder with my keto greens powder, add a squeeze of real lemon. Powered up, ready and off to the gym I go!

Will Will, Director of eCommerce

After a few hours of work, I take a break with a late morning workout. I drink Perform mixed with water to get my body primed for this.

Chris Chris, Education Manager

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  • What makes Perform Pre-Workout unique?

    Perform is unique because it has less caffeine compared to traditional pre-workouts whilst including keto-friendly fuel sources.
  • How should I take Perform Pre-Workout?

    We recommend taking Perform 15-30 minutes before you workout. Perform works great for any type of exercise.
  • Will Perform Pre-Workout break my fast?

    Yes, Perform Pre-Workout would break a typical fast as each serving contains 50 calories.
  • Can I use Perform Pre-Workout when not doing a workout?

    Yes, we recommend using it daily even when not working out to get the best benefits from Beta-Alanine & Creatine.
  • Will I crash after taking Perform Pre-Workout?

    No, Keto Perform is low in caffeine and contains brain fuel in ketones and MCTs that will prevent you from experiencing a crash in energy after your workout.

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Perform: Keto Pre-Workout Drink