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        Perfect Keto Nut Butter - Deal

        A creamy combination of nuts and fats to fuel your day.

        Perfect Keto Nut Butter - Deal
        Perfect Keto Nut Butter - Deal
        Perfect Keto Nut Butter - Deal
        Perfect Keto Nut Butter - Deal
        Perfect Keto Nut Butter - Deal
        Perfect Keto Nut Butter - Deal
        Perfect Keto Nut Butter - Deal
        Perfect Keto Nut Butter - Deal
        Perfect Keto Nut Butter - Deal

        Perfect Keto Nut Butter - Deal

        A creamy combination of nuts and fats to fuel your day.

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        • The perfect blend of high-quality ingredients that taste like heaven with zero artificial sweeteners, added sugars, or peanuts inside.
        • Made with MCTs, macadamias, cashews, and coconut, there are plenty of fats to keep you fuller longer.
        • A rich, creamy texture gives that melt-in-your-mouth feel with a sweet, nutty taste.
        • In three unique sweet flavors, there’s no other keto nut butter like this on the market.
        • Easy to squeeze, easy to please. Resealable keto nut butter so you can stash away for later.
        Free U.S. shipping for orders over $29, and a risk-free quality guaranteeIf you don't love it, return it within 30 days for a full refund - just contact us and we'll take care of you.!

        When To Use


        Squeeze from the pouch to get through midday munchies.


        Add keto nut butter to smoothies, make “PB” yogurt or squeeze into oatmeal.


        Make “PB” cookies and fudge or drizzle over strawberries.


        Make a grown up Keto “PB” & Jelly sandwich for lunch.


        Drizzle on a Keto Protein Bar for a high-fat treat or over celery for some crunch.

        Nut Butter With Benefits

        With no added sugars, this decadent, delicious nutty treat meets your sweet tooth, and our keto nut butter is unlike any other, as it tastes sweet on its own without any junk. It’s the first time these flavors have been keto.

        Ingredients That Taste Good and Work Hard

        Packed with MCTs, macadamias, cashews, and coconut, it boosts satiety and provides long-lasting energy. Free of added sugars and artificial additives, it’s the best nut butter for keto with high-quality ingredients only.

        Spoon It. Squeeze It. Blend It.

        There’s no wrong way to eat these three sweet flavors of Keto Nut Butter. Make “PB” fudge for dessert, or add to shakes for on the go meals. Squeeze on top of protein bars for a creamy, smooth texture and some added fats. Or just open the pouch, take what you want, and seal it back up for later.

        What’s inside?

        Every ingredient pulls its weight.

        • Raw Macadamia Nuts

          Macadamia nuts are one of the most keto-friendly nuts, consisting of 75% fat and is rich in many vitamins and minerals.

        • Sea Salt

          Sea salt contains sodium, an essential electrolyte that needs to be replenished on the ketogenic diet.

        • Almonds

          Almonds are rich in fat to help keep you full and focused, and they’re high in magnesium and vitamin E for better skin and joint health.

        • Coconut

          Coconut butter, made from pureing coconut meat, is rich in MCTs and a great source of potassium and magnesium.

        • Erythritol

          The only non-caloric sugar alcohol, erythritol is easy on the gut, although we use it in small amounts, and it may have antioxidant properties to help protect against free radical damage. Plus, it might aid in lowering blood sugar, too.

        • MCT Oil

          MCT's are a unique type of fatty acid found in coconut oil that are a much faster source of energy than most longer chain fatty acids. MCTs support mental clarity and sharpness.

        • Cashews

          Cashews contain high levels of iron, magnesium, zinc, copper, phosphorus, and manganese and add a rich, delicious flavor to everything they're used in.

        • Cinnamon

          Known to stabilize blood sugar, cinnamon helps keep you in ketosis and offers some added flavor.

        • Hazelnuts

          Hazelnuts are high in good fats, calcium, and vitamins B and E for digestive, skin, and joint health.

        • Chocolate Chips

          Made with erythritol and stevia, these unsweetened chocolate chips won’t spike blood sugar levels and give that sweet chocolate flavor you desire.

        Press reviews

        "Made for people that are serious about their ketogenic diet, Perfect Keto Nut Butter is primarily made out macadamia nuts, a high fat lower carbohydrate nut. The macadamia nuts are then combined with cashews, coconut butter, and MCT oil."

        -Men's Health

        "A jar of Perfect Keto Nut Butter for a low-carb addition to your favorite dishes...this stuff is DELICIOUS!"


        "This creamy low-carb treat—a blend of raw macadamia nuts, raw cashews, raw coconut butter, MCT oil from coconuts, a dash of real vanilla bean powder, and a pinch of sea salt—is a clutch grab for anybody dabbling in the keto lifestyle. Did we mention it’s pretty darn tasty too? Keto or not, it’s worth getting your fingers on."


        How we use Perfect Keto Nut Butter

        After a workout, I’ll squeeze the Chocolate Hazelnut nut butter on a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bar to get in some fast recovery with good fats and protein to refuel for the rest of the day.

        Anthony Anthony, our CEO

        I'll have some nut butter straight from the package to quickly settle some hunger rumbles before the gym. I also love it in my pancakes, smoothies, or for dessert. The list goes on...

        Will Will, our Director of eCommerce

        For sweet cravings in the morning and afternoon, I’ll use the Snickerdoodle flavor to make healthy cookies that have a good mix of sweet and spice and enough nutrition to fuel my day.

        Chris Chris, our Education Manager

        Read more about how our team uses Perfect Keto products.


        • What are MCT's?

          MCT’s (or medium chain triglycerides) are a certain form of fatty acids that are rapidly digested, used by the brain and body for fuel, and may serve as precursors to ketone bodies - fueling physical and mental activity. Perfect Keto MCT’s are derived from coconuts, not palm oil, which protects deforestation of Orangutan habitats.
        • Not strict keto?

          Not strict keto?
        • What's in it?

          Our keto nut butter has a creamy blend of macadamia nuts, cashews, coconut butter, MCT oil, a pinch of vanilla bean powder, and sea salt.
        • Why should I Use Keto Butter?

          Keto Butter is a great source of energy from fats, whether you’re on a ketogenic diet or not. The ingredients were carefully selected and doctor-developed to support heart health, gut health, brain health, and maintaining a healthy weight when consumed on a daily basis.
        • How many servings per container?

          Each jar of Keto Butter is 8oz. which makes for 7 servings of 2 tablespoons. Keto Butter is incredibly satiating, therefor it's recommended to start with a half serving and work upwards from there to meet your satisfaction.

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