SuperFat x Cheesy Hamburger Meal Kit
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New product

SuperFat x Cheesy Hamburger Meal Kit

An easy keto dinner the whole fam will enjoy

28g of Protein + 4g Net Carbs

Simple Prep! Just add protein + heavy cream

Keto Friendly

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Relive The Nostalgia of Your Favorite Dinnertime Staple

Indulge in a wholesome, low-carb twist on a classic favorite without breaking ketosis. Enjoy as a satisfying meal or pair it as a delicious side dish.

Quick, Comforting, and Clean Keto Meal Kit

This cheesy, protein-packed meal is what your dinner dreams are made of: quick, easy, with the al dente texture of the macaroni you love. None of the junk or guilt.

Satiate Carb Cravings

Yes, you can have it all. With only 4g of Net Carbs and 28g of Protein, this keto meal kit will knock out hunger and your deepest carb cravings.