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        Keto Whey Protein

        A low sugar, grass-fed whey protein powder with added MCTs
        85 reviews
        Keto Whey Protein
        Keto Whey Protein
        Keto Whey Protein
        Keto Whey Protein
        Keto Whey Protein
        Keto Whey Protein
        Keto Whey Protein
        Keto Whey Protein
        Keto Whey Protein
        Keto Whey Protein

        Keto Whey Protein

        A low sugar, grass-fed whey protein powder with added MCTs
        85 reviews
        $38.99 Regular price
        • Isolate protein to reduce lactose content
        • With added MCTs for focus and satiation
        • Made with whey from grass-fed dairy
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        When To Use


        To help muscles recover.

        Gain Muscle

        Use before and after your workout.

        Increase Protein

        Just blend with water.


        When you need something quick and satisfying.


        Blend with almond milk and avocado.

        Support Your Muscles

        Don't get enough protein? This can limit your workout results. Use Keto Whey to help you recover after the gym and see the results you are working towards.

        A Delicious Meal Replacement

        Need a filling, grab-and-go meal? Just add Keto Whey to your water or almond milk for a protein shake that will hold you over until your next meal.

        Delicious Flavor. No Junk.

        Keto Whey tastes amazing and is made with 100% clean, keto-friendly ingredients. No fillers. No nitrogen spiking. Just real, grass-fed whey isolate.

        What's inside?

        Every ingredient pulls its weight.

        • Whey Protein Isolate (Grass Fed)

          Isolate Whey is a version of whey protein that has been further filtered to remove as much lactose as possible.

        • MCTs

          MCT's are a unique type of fatty acid found in coconut oil that are a much faster source of energy than most longer chain fatty acids. MCTs support mental clarity and sharpness.

        • Stevia

          Stevia is a plant derived sweetener that is 200 times sweeter than sugar and low-calorie.

        Press reviews

        “The Perfect Keto Whey protein shake has all the high quality ingredients I was looking for!!! Whey, MCT oil and even a bit of sodium from all natural sources are the perfect mix for an incredible training session”

        - Luis Villasenor, KetoGains

        "I wanted to preserve as much lean muscle mass as I could on keto, I tried all the whey products and they all caused bloating until I was introduced to Perfect Keto's Whey Protein. It mixes easy in my coffee and in my post workout shake."

        - Matt Clemente, LCHF Fella

        "Six Pack Abs is a huge fan of Perfect Keto's Whey Protein. It's a super high quality grassfed Whey protein."

        - Thomas DeLauer

        How we use Keto Whey Protein

        After getting my pump on, I take1-2 scoops. Usually I'll throw an electrolyte pill down as well, for optimal recovery.

        Will Will, our Director of eCommerce

        After my workout, I make a shake with a combination of whey protein and collagen protein.

        Anthony Anthony, our CEO

        After my workout, I use two scoops of Keto Whey blended with unsweetened almond milk and avocado to help my body recover and build muscle.

        Chris Chris, our Education Manager

        Read more about how our team uses Perfect Keto products.


        • Is Perfect Keto Whey Protein grass-fed?

          Yes, our protein comes from 100% grass-fed cows and is a protein isolate, stripped of casein and lactose, so it should be safe even for those with lactose intolerance.
        • Can I use Perfect Keto Whey Protein as a meal replacement?

          We encourage everyone to make real food nutrition the foundation of their diet however, Perfect Keto Whey can make for an incredible meal replacement when someone is short on time and on the go.
        • How is Perfect Keto Whey processed?

          Perfect Keto Why is processed through cold microfiltration and ultrafiltration membrane technology. This is superior because it does not denature the protein.
        • What is the difference between Collagen & Whey Protein?

          The main difference between Collagen & Whey protein is their amino acid content. One is not better than the other as they both provide your body with the benefits that different amino acids profiles provide. Collagen supplementation can be incredibly beneficial for your digestive system, hair, skin, nails and connective tissue. However Whey protein can provide huge benefits in the way of muscle growth & lean muscle preservation when in a calorie deficit.

        Customers love Perfect Keto

        Customer Reviews
        4.3 Based on 85 Reviews
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        Angela M.
        United States United States

        This is a wonderful protein !! Thank you so much!!

        Sarah R.
        United States United States

        This is my favorite protein powder ever!

        tom b.
        United States United States
        Stick it in your shake!

        I got whey to put into cloud bread. Haven't baked any yet. Decided to try it in my milk shake. It improved the texture of the shake. Shakes are 6oz whole fat, but lactose reduced milk. (whole fairlife milk), 8oz crushed ice, scoop of chocolate keto collagen, scoop of the unflavored whey. Into the blendtec on smoothie. Very refreshing break to our Florida heat.

        Susan V.
        United States United States
        Too expensive

        Does the job. Chocolate wasn't on sale, So I had to settle for unflavored. Wish I could find a more reasonably priced alternative,

        Donna C.
        United States United States
        Keto whey protein

        This is a fine product. It easily dissolves into liquid, adding extra protein.