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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I access my account?

    Access your account here:

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    There are three reasons why you may not be able to access your account:

    • Your password is incorrect

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  • How do I cancel a subscription?

    There are few ways to cancel your subscription:

    • Login to your account using the link below:

      • Click 'Manage Subscriptions' or 'Edit' under the subscription you want to cancel

      • Click 'Cancel' under Actions

    • Email us at contact us and we will send you a personalized link that doesn't require a login

    Did you know you can delay, change the flavor, manage the quantity or edit the frequency of your subscription?

    • Login to your account

    • Click 'Manage Subscriptions' or 'Edit' under your subscriptions

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    • Choose among:

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  • How do I change the order frequency for my subscription?

    We now offer free shipping on all subscription orders.

    You can edit your subscription in your Account Portal or you can email our Customer Care Team.

  • How do subscriptions work?

    We make it very easy to change how often you receive your subscribe & save orders.

    Here are the quick steps:

    1. Log into your Account Portal

    2. In the top panel, click on "Your Subscription"

    3. On the lefthand panel, under "Your Next Shipment", click on "Deliver Every"

    4. You can choose between 30 days, 45 days, and 60 days

    Note: Changing your subscription will not automatically change your next order date.

    Here is a visual walkthrough:

  • How do I edit my subscription?

    Login to your store account here:

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    Under "Your Subscriptions" Tab click:

    'Skip an order or see your delivery schedule' on the left navigation.

    From here you can edit or skip an order. If you choose edit, you can change:

    • Product Quantity

    • Delivery Schedule

    • Variant