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        100% Pure MCT Oil

        Supports digestion, cognitive function and energy levels with 100% pure coconut oil.
        296 reviews
        100% Pure MCT Oil
        100% Pure MCT Oil
        100% Pure MCT Oil

        100% Pure MCT Oil

        Supports digestion, cognitive function and energy levels with 100% pure coconut oil.
        296 reviews
        • Made with 100% C8 MCTs from real coconuts
        • Completely clean -- no artificial ingredients or junk
        • Make salad dressing or add to smoothies
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        When To Use


        In your coffee as delicious creamer.


        To curb your hunger.


        Use as an oil replacement in your favorite recipes.


        To help you meet your macros.


        To help you focus before work or a big meeting.

        Fuel Your Brain

        Stay focused, think more clearly and give your cognitive function a boost with MCTs made from real coconuts.

        Stay Satisfied

        100% MCT Oil will help keep you full and satisfied during intermittent fasting, or anytime you feel hungry.

        Made from 100% C8 Oil

        Pure MCT Oil is made from Caprylic acid (C8), which is the most desirable of the four types MCTs because it converts into ketones more efficiently. Just add it to your coffee or smoothies for a boost of pure energy.

        What's inside?

        Every ingredient pulls its weight.

        • MCTs

          MCT's are a unique type of fatty acid found in coconut oil that are a much faster source of energy than most longer chain fatty acids. MCTs support mental clarity and sharpness.

        How we use 100% Pure MCT Oil

        My favorite way to start the day. A great way to get healthy fats.

        Will Will, our Director of eCommerce

        Sometimes, I add 100% Pure MCT Oil to my coffee or post-workout shake for an extra boost of fat.

        Rajiv Rajiv, our Director of Paid Advertising

        I love to make my own homemade salad dressings using 100% Pure MCT Oil. It tastes great and fuels my body.

        Chris Chris, our Education Manager

        Read more about how our team uses Perfect Keto products.


        • Will MCT Oil break a fast?

          Yes, MCT Oil will break a typical fast as it contains fat and calories.
        • Can I take MCT Oil on an empty stomach?

          Yes, you can take MCT Oil on an empty stomach.
        • How do I best use MCT Oil?

          If you are new to using MCT oil, start with a ¼ serving of the oil & increase as tolerated. You can add MCT Oil to your salad as a dressing or to any liquid drink, coffee is a very popular option.
        • What are the benefits of MCT Oil?

          Rapid Energy Source Unique digestion of MCTs allows them to be used as energy incredibly quickly. Ketone Production Unique digestion also allows MCTs to be converted to ketones quicker than any other form of fat. Improved Brain Function Ketones are your brain's preferred fuel source so increasing the creation of ketones through utilizing MCTs will give you more mental energy and focus. Reduced Hunger MCTs have been shown to reduce hunger, likely through their ability to increase ketone levels.
        • How are MCTs different from the Exogenous Ketones in your Keto Base?

          The difference is that our Keto Base puts ketones directly into your blood stream whereas MCT supplements such as our MCT Oil stimulate your body to produce ketones naturally.

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        Darlene T.
        United States United States
        I love this

        I have been using this for years in my morning coffee with butter, and often in an early afternoon coffee when I know it will be a long evening. The new bottle size is easier for me to handle.

        Mark G.
        United States United States
        Great product

        Product is exactly what I want.

        MCT OIL Solidified in refrigerator

        I stored my MCT oil in the refrigerator as suggested and it’s solidified is that OK?

        Jeanne K.
        Love this Oil, hate the new packaging

        This MCT OIL (8 only) is fabulous and a good value compared to Bulletproof. I used to have the 32oz bottle on auto-ship. In January, I received two 16 oz bottles in new package which in spite of having all the seals intact, leaked all over and through the box. When I advised Perfect Keto, they responded quickly to replace them and wrapped them in bubble wrap to prevent leaking. Kudos to them for the great customer service. Unfortunately, one of the two was leaking again inside the wrap. I will take it off auto ship, hoping they find a fix for these bottles. As it is, I refill my Bulletproof bottle over and over for it's user friendly spout. I will order again when I am out, hoping they have resolved the bad bottle design.

        Perfect keto oil

        Where can I purchase the keto perfect oil, as it shows sold out?????