5 Reasons Exogenous Ketones Are the Best-Kept Health Secret

Hit a plateau with your low-carb or keto diet? Tired of wrestling stubborn pounds that just won’t budge? Feel like every weight loss method you’ve tried has failed you? 

Time to give exogenous ketones a try. 

Perfect Keto’s game-changing Exogenous Ketone Base harnesses the power of BHB salts, which can quickly put your body in a state of ketosis. Here’s why the Diet Industry doesn’t want you to know about exogenous ketones:

1. Get into Ketosis Fast

The BHB salts in our product temporarily put your body in ketosis immediately so you don’t have to wait to experience some of the benefits of ketosis while your body is getting keto adapted. This means you’ll be saying hello to results…fast.

2. Burn fat efficiently and feel more energized

Our exogenous ketones not only put your body into ketosis fast, but they also help you burn fat more efficiently. A study conducted on healthy males who exercised at least 3 times per week, discovered that supplementing with ketone salts before aerobic exercise increased fat burning by 23%.[*]

3. Boundless Energy. Razor-sharp Focus.

Blast through your day with enhanced energy levels. Perfect Keto Exogenous Ketone Base provides a sustained and efficient source of energy, improving both physical and mental performance. Higher blood ketone levels have been associated with increased alertness, promoting sustained focus and productivity, and helping you to conquer your daily tasks with ease [*]. They won’t recognize the new, energetic you.

4. Skip “Keto Flu”

"Keto Flu" is a common set of symptoms that some people experience when transitioning into a ketogenic diet. These can include headaches, brain fog, muscle cramps, and irritability. But when you support your body with exogenous ketones, you can bypass these symptoms and jump right into enjoying the benefits of ketosis.

5. Curb your appetite

Research suggests that BHB supports reduced cravings, leading to less caloric intake, which aids in weight loss and can be beneficial during periods of intermittent fasting. [*]

Whether you're following a ketogenic diet or trying intermittent fasting, Perfect Keto Exogenous Ketone Base has the potential to supercharge your routine.

How Exogenous Ketones Work

Your body naturally produces ketones. They are a byproduct of the process your body uses to break down stored fat. Fun fact: Ketones are actually your brain’s favorite form of fuel! 

When you supplement with exogenous ketones (which means they aren’t produced inside your body) you can help amplify and increase the benefits of ketosis. These include burning pesky stored fat, increased energy, mental sharpness and clarity, and a reduced appetite.


“This a fantastic product that helps so much with my sugar cravings and that drab feeling that comes with cutting sugar from my diet.”
—  Shannon V.
“I add a scoop of this delicious powder to my warm lemon water every morning. It keeps me saited and away from tempting morning treats, like donuts and other sweets.”
— Nancy T.
“Great taste. Helps keep me from getting hungry when I am doing one meal a day. Keeps me in ketosis even when I occasionally mess up on my diet.”
— Diane B.
“I have been using Exogenous Ketones Drink Mix, for quite a while now. It works! My blood ketones were 0.4 this am and 1 1/2 hours after drinking a cup of coffee with 3/4 scoop of salted caramel Exogenous Ketones Drink Mix my ketones were 1.1! I'd say that's great and it really curbs my appetite!”
— Judy R.
“For a fraction of the cost of Pruvit, I feel the desired increase in energy and mood, decrease in appetite and all around improvement.”
— Shaun D.
“Helps with cravings and bypassing the struggle to get my body into ketosis. We will continue to use this product. 5 stars!”
— Sasha D.
“First week using this as a supplement for getting back into keto after vacation and a few cheat meals. The taste was far better than anticipated! Lost three pounds in four days. Will continue to use this as see how my weight loss progresses with these supplements.”
— Jo G.
“I drink this every morning and it absolutely kills my appetite and gives me a boost of energy (I'm not a coffee drinker). It tastes good and doesn't seem to be loaded with all the fake sugar additives that many other exogenous ketones products have.”
— Barbara R.
“This stuff works! Our whole family is now taking these daily. My ketones will jump from .7 mmol to 2.4 when I have them in my morning cup of coffee.”
— Barbara S.
“I started taking exogenous ketones to break a weight loss stall. It definitely broke my stall. If your doing keto, then you need this product.”
— Monica S.
“It really helps with my keto diet too and helps me stay in ketosis if I happen to eat more carbs than I should - losing weight has never felt so good!”
— Sarah L.
“I had zero keto withdrawals and for me that's absolutely amazing because I am a sugar addict. I have no cravings I feel energy this is definitely going to be a staple for me moving forward!”
— Becky K.

Not All Ketone Supplements Are Made Equal

We spent six months and five iterations reformulating our Exogenous Ketone Base formula to make it the best on the market. And we did it without adding any sugar, artificial ingredients, or fillers – because we'd never do that.

We used monk fruit to give it the perfect balance of sweetness and eliminated the bitterness common in other exogenous ketone supplements. The result? Delicious Exogenous Ketones that taste amazing in your coffee, tea, smoothies, shakes, or just mixed with water.

Start Burning Fat and Feeling Energized

If you've been looking for a solution that aligns with your low-carb or keto diet and supports your weight loss goals, look no further. Take control of your journey with Perfect Keto Exogenous Ketone Base.