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Kristi Davis is the wildly-popular creator behind the self-titled Kristi Davis Youtube channel, where her keto lifestyle videos have been watched over 11 million times. What's her top tip? Take your collagen!

“I'm always preaching about getting your collagen in for hair, skin, nails and joints. When I first started my keto journey, I was having issues with hair loss. My doctor recommended Perfect Keto Collagen, and I've been taking it ever since. Not only has collagen improved the quality of my hair, it's been hugely beneficial for joint health, glowing skin and focus.”

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How Kristi adds collagen to her daily routine

Perfect Keto Collagen

Why We Love It: Made with grass-fed collagen and added MCTs for focus and satiation, our Collagen comes in delicious flavored options you can mix with your favorite beverage or dessert, or an unflavored option that can be used in savory dishes as well.

Kristi says:

“Keto Collagen was the first product I ever used by Perfect Keto. My doctor turned me onto it when I was experiencing hair loss at the start of my keto journey. I love Perfect Keto's collagen because it's not gritty or chalky, it dissolves well and the ingredients are top notch, unlike some of the other collagens you see out there. I love the Chocolate flavor and mix it with my morning coffee, or throw it in a blender with ice, water and unsweetened almond milk to make a smoothie that tastes just like a chocolate milkshake.”

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Perfect Keto Beauty + Sleep Collagen

Why We Love It: Our Beauty + Sleep Collagen helps you naturally prepare for sleep while supporting hair, nail, and skin health. Relax your mind and body with non-habit-forming ingredients like ashwagandha, magnesium, and L-Theanine. Plus, added biotin and hyaluronic acid help combat signs of aging.

Kristi says:

“I love the Mexican Hot Chocolate flavor. I usually mix this with warmed, unsweetened almond milk, plus a tablespoon of butter for added fat. I love that there's added biotin and hyaluronic acid to combat signs of aging.”

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Perfect Keto Keto Bar

Why We Love It: We spent a year developing the formula for a great-tasting, keto-friendly bar with high-quality ingredients formulated to keep you in ketosis. Keto Bars are packed full of quality ingredients like almond and cacao butter, coconut oil, and collagen, to provide sustained energy to fuel your mind and body.

Kristi says:

“I talk about these Keto Bars on my channel all the time. I eat them pretty much daily, if not every other day. When I first started my keto journey, the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough bars got me over the hump. I have a horrible sweet tooth, so if it wasn't for these, I'd be grabbing for a Snickers bar. I love that they've got clean ingredients and great macros. If I'm snacking, it's on one of these Keto Bars.”

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Perfect Keto Keto Cookies

Why We Love It: All the decadence of a regular cookie, without the added sugar or guilt. Our Keto Cookies are made with real whole-food ingredients like grass-fed butter, grass-fed collagen, unsweetened chocolate chips and almond flour. Each serving packs 6g of protein and only 4g of net carbs.

Kristi says:

“These. Are. Amazing. Take my word for it. Like, better-than-non-keto-cookie amazing. I'm completely and totally obsessed with the Peanut Butter and Snickerdoodle flavors. They've got a soft, chewy, melt-in-your-mouth texture, and I love that they have added grass-fed collagen for my hair, skin, nails and joints.”

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Perfect Keto Keto Cereal

Why We Love It: The *perfect* breakfast, grab-n-go snack, or easy meal with only 1-2g of net carbs and no unpronounceable ingredients. Our Keto-Certified Cereal is the first of its kind to feature added MCT Oil and Grass-fed Collagen. Why not have your cereal and stay fit and healthy too?

Kristi says

“I tried this product for the first time with my daughter who hates cereal. She gave it a 9/10, which is saying A LOT. If soggy cereal drives you nuts, this is the cereal for you. It's got a great crunch that holds up in milk. Plus I (of course) love that it has added MCT Oil and Collagen for extra health benefits. Cinnamon is my go-to!”

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