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        Blood Sugar Support Capsules

        Support healthy carbohydrate metabolism with this unique formula.
        78 reviews
        Blood Sugar Support Capsules
        Blood Sugar Support Capsules
        Blood Sugar Support Capsules

        Blood Sugar Support Capsules

        Support healthy carbohydrate metabolism with this unique formula.
        78 reviews
        • Doctor-developed

        • High quality ingredients

        • Combines 7 vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts

        • Contains 300mg Berberine

        Free U.S. shipping for orders over $29, and a risk-free quality guaranteeIf you don't love it, return it within 30 days for a full refund - just contact us and we'll take care of you.!

        When To Use


        Start the day with stable levels

        Carb Overload

        Get back to baseline

        Cheat Days

        Recover faster from cheat days


        Enjoy yourself without the crash

        Before Big Meals

        Prevent grogginess after eating

        Metabolize Sugar Smarter

        Our Blood Sugar Support capsules contain ingredients that help with healthy carbohydrate metabolism.

        Support for Higher Carb Meals

        Accidentally eat something that spiked your blood sugar? The compounds in Blood Sugar Support can help get you back to baseline.

        Support Your Digestion

        Blood Sugar Support capsules contain ingredients that help you metabolize food better.

        What's inside?

        Every ingredient pulls its weight

        • Gymnema Sylvestre Leaf Powder

          Gymnema sylvestre is a shrub native to India, Africa, and Australia.

        • Bitter Melon Extract

          Bitter melon extract is a tropical fruit-like gourd in the same family as zucchini and squash.

        • Cinnamon Bark Extract

          Cinnamon is a spice made from the inner bark of a particular tree species has been shown to play a role in glucose metabolism. *

        • Berberine Bark Extract

          Berberine Bark Extract-Berberine is a bio-active ingredient extracted from a group of shrubs.*

        • Banaba Leaf Extract

          Banaba Leaf Extract comes from a tropical tree native to the Philippines.*

        • Biotin

          Biotin, also referred to as vitamin B7, helps metabolize carbohydrates.

        • Chromium Picolinate

          Chromium Picolinate is the mineral chromium attached to three picolinic acid molecules.*

        Press reviews

        "They have excellent supplements that really help boost energy and get you over the hump when you first get into keto.

        Perfect keto makes it easy to stay keto, have high energy, and get shit done. And that's really what the ketogenic diet is all about."

         - Joe Rogan

        "Perfect Keto is perfect for my clients who are really struggling cutting out sugar as they go through withdrawals. THANK YOU for a crap-free products that help support a low carb diet.”

        - Emily Schromm

        "I like to enjoy a high carb meal here and there. With the help of Blood Sugar Support from Perfect Keto, I incorporate a higher carb meal."

        - Jeanine Escobar, TheKetoBlog.Net

        How we use Blood Sugar Support Capsule

        Before dinner, I take a few Blood Sugar Support capsules. If I had more carbs than usual, I’ll take a couple before bed as well.

        Anthony Anthony, our CEO

        Ever since being on keto, I quickly noticed the affects sugar has on my body, I started to take these blood sugar supplements and I don't get headaches or fatigue after my cheat sweets anymore.

        Will Will, our Director of eCommerce

        Read more about how our team uses Perfect Keto products.


        • Will Blood Sugar Support break a fast?

          No, Blood Sugar Support will not break a fast and has ingredients that will make fasting more enjoyable & effective due to its natural appetite suppressant effect.
        • How do I know if I need to take Blood Sugar Support?

          Test your morning blood glucose levels a couple hours after waking up. If you read above 90 the Blood Sugar Support could be helpful for you. However even if below 90 there are still a host of benefits to be gained from using Blood Sugar Support.
        • Should I take Blood Sugar Support before or after a meal?

          Blood Sugar Support is best taken 30 minutes before a meal however it is still extremely beneficial to take with or after a meal.
        • Do I need to follow a Ketogenic diet to receive the benefits of Blood Sugar Support?

          Perfect Keto Blood Sugar Support Capsules are valuable for everyone, whether you’re following a ketogenic diet or not.
        • How do I best use Blood Sugar Support?

          To get the best benefits from the ingredients in our Blood Sugar Support we recommend taking it daily with higher carb meals or with larger meals to improve nutrient absorption. You can also utilize Blood Sugar Support during a fast to help with appetite.

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        blanche a.
        United States United States

        why do you not disclose in your description that your product has lead? I sent an email and got no answer--is the lead in your product, or in your packaging? Your customers deserve to know before purchasing!

        Sandra H.
        United States United States
        Keto Blood Sugar Support

        I have been taking the Keto Blood Sugar Support Capsules for some time now and they help keep my blood sugar in a reasonable range so I like them and will continue to take them. Thank you.

        Timothy C.
        United States United States
        Blood Sugar Support

        These live up to the hype. Anytime I am high on my carb count or just need to regulate my blood sugar I take these and it works every time.

        Hughes M.
        Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea
        Have not yet received Items

        Tracking my order through the link that was sent to me showed that the order was returned to Perfect Keto.

        Kelly M.
        United States United States
        Not what I expected

        After about 3 weeks of taking these every day, I noticed that I was feeling quite edgy and nauseous. At first, I thought maybe it was just my body adjusting, but it continued. So after a full month, I stopped. Guess what? No more nausea or edginess. I was even going to try them again after a couple weeks, but decided not to, since my body was telling me something. Obviously, I had some reaction to one or more ingredients, so be cautious with these. And no returns after 30 days, which is actually a very short time when you're giving your body time to react, good or bad. Maybe that's why there is that 30 day period and no returns past that time. Live and learn.