How do I maintain a Ketogenic Diet?

Around 90% of diets fail. This means in order for you to see long term success with Keto it has to be adopted as a lifestyle and not a short term fix or fad diet.  In order to make this a sustainable lifestyle it’s important that you adjust Keto to fit your food preferences, activity level, and bio individual needs. One of the biggest tips for success is to find nutrient dense foods you actually enjoy to eat. This shouldn't be too difficult since many of the most nutrient dense Keto foods are delicious and help you feel great!

This also means having some flexibility within Keto. Don’t feel guilty when you have a higher carb meal on OCCASION or when you enjoy some of your favorite non Keto foods. On occasion does not mean eating pizza, pasta, beer, and ice cream all weekend and then starting back on Keto on Monday and wondering why you are not seeing all the benefits of Keto.