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Steps To Update Your Payment Info

To update your payment information, please follow these simple steps with accompanying screenshots for reference.  1)  Head to this link to access your account. Enter your email and click the button that says “send login code”. You will be emailed a verification code to sign in. see screenshot: 2)  Enter the four digit code from the email in your inbox with the subject line “perfectketo secure login code: XXXX” see screenshot: 3)  Click the “Your Subscription” link at the top of the page.  see screenshot: 4)  On the right-hand side of this page you’ll see options  like “View your next order” and “Address & payment details.”  Click “Address & payment details”.   see screenshot: 5)  Scroll down and click “Manage payment methods” ...

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How many net carbs are in Keto Cookies?

There is 4g net carbs per serving (2 cookies) of Keto Cookies. This is calculated by removing the allulose, erythritol and fiber from the total carb amount. You can read more about these two sweeteners (allulose & erythritol) included in our Keto Cookies at the links below: Your Guide to Allulose Your Guide to Erythritol

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