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Which products will break my fast?

We get asked this question a lot and we think it’s important to break this down just a bit for you. Technically anything that isn’t water will break a fast so all of our products will break a true fast. However, you can enjoy our products AND most of the benefits of fasting because our products increase ketones without spiking your insulin. This is where the real benefits of fasting come from and why there is so much confusion around fasting versus fasting with exogenous ketones/fats.

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What are your natural flavors?

Our natural flavors come from dehydrated sources of cocoa, vanilla bean, peach, and ground coffee. The term “natural flavor” can be quite confusing and vary for each company. For us, we only use dehydrated products which is the cleanest source possible and we are required by the FDA to label these are natural flavors even though they come from whole foods.

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